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Is there any way of being able to control my Apple TV through a web interface, in a similar way to using the 'remote' app?

I can't belive that a product as sophistcated as my Apple TV doesn't have the ability to web into it.

If my printer can be controlled through the web interface why not this?

Any hints people?

I've heard tales of being jail breaking them to do a similar thing but i don't want to go down that route.

Dell Precision M6500, Windows 7, 16GB RAM, i7 Core, 64 bit OS

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Jun 19, 2011 2:20 AM in response to Pdiddy2010 In response to Pdiddy2010

It doesn't have a web interface.

It's not designed to be controlled through a web interface. It won't happen.

There is no reason for it to have a web interface - while they could probably write one there are more important things they could spend their development time on IMO.

Jun 19, 2011 2:20 AM

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Probably sensible.

In case you're unaware, specific discussions about that kind of thing are not permitted under Apple's forum 'House Rules'.

Pdiddy2010 wrote:

Jun 19, 2011 2:21 AM

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What's wrong with just using the 'Remote' app, or do you not have an iDevice capable of running this?

What would you actually use the web interface for?

Configuration or playback?

Don't get me wrong, while some people might use/want one, I just don't see Apple making one for it.

Jun 19, 2011 2:24 AM

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Jun 19, 2011 12:30 PM in response to Pdiddy2010 In response to Pdiddy2010
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Technology meets fashion
The 30-Second Review

The best smart watch lets us keep our phone at arm’s distance, letting us know of texts and calls while remaining a sometimes incognito fashion accessory. We dug into tech reviews to separate must-haves from perks and then brought in 19 smart watches to test for ourselves call responsiveness, text-ability, app accessibility and general ease of use and comfort. While the right smart watch for you depends largely on the type of smartphone you have, three watches stood out for their reliable connectivity, gorgeous interfaces, and easy navigation.

Best Apple Smart Watch
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With the largest screen and smallest profile of our top picks, the square face and sporty band mean the Apple Watch stands out as far more than an ordinary watch. We loved its high-tech appearance and features, and easy navigation.

The Apple Watch only works with iPhones, and while it comes with a cellular version, we prefer the GPS-only edition. The Apple Watch 3 (GPS+Cellular) means your watch can operate independently of your smartphone (by being connected directly to your cellular network), but this greatly shortens your battery life to a few hours, instead of a full day.

Best Android Smart Watch
Samsung Gear Sport

The Samsung Gear Sport matches high-tech build quality with an intuitive layout and multiple navigational tools (including a rotating bezel). Its look is more tech than fashion (read: black on black), but remains indiscreet for most occasions.

Best Fashion Smart Watch

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An immediate tester favorite for its sophisticated and versatile look, the Q Venture series has nine models with the same technology. While it only uses one button to the Samsung’s two plus bezel, we loved its beautiful screen, quick response time, and intuitive navigation.

The Best Smart Watch

Best Apple Smart Watch

Best Android Smart Watches

Best Fashion Smart Watch

Our three top picks all have high-quality touchscreens that look beautiful and are responsive to taps, swipes, and scribbles. Additionally, they all scored well in our connectivity test, sending us notifications of calls and texts within a few seconds of our phones receiving them. Testers loved the look and feel of them, and it’s easy to find new bands to swap out your style. To choose between them, you’ll want to take into consideration the type of smartphone you have, and whether you prefer an emphasis on tech or fashion.

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. Once there, choose "Using 2-step verification" from the menu. From there, follow the prompts. You'll be asked for your phone number. You can get verification codes by voice or SMS on your phone. I find texting easier.

In seconds, you'll get a call with your verification number. You then enter this code into your web browser's data entry box Your device will then ask you if you want it to remember the computer you're using. If you answer, "yes" that programs will be authorized for use for 30-days. Finally, you turn on 2-step verification and you're done.

You can also make this even simpler by using Google Prompt . With this you can authorize Google apps by simply entering "yes" when prompted on your phone.

4) Only use apps from the Google Play Store.

Seriously. The vast majority of Android malware comes from unreliable third party application sources. Sure, bogus apps make it into the Google Play Store from time to time, like the ones which messaged premium-rate text services , but they're exception, not the rule.

Google has also kept working on making the Play Store safer than ever. For example, Google Play Protect can automatically scan your Android device for malware when you install programs. Make sure it's on by going to Settings > Security > Play Protect. For maximum security, click Full scanning and "Scan device for security threats" on.

5) Use device encryption.

The next person who wants to snoop in your phone may not be a crook, but a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent . If that idea creeps you out, you can put a roadblock in their way with encryption. That may land you in hot water with Homeland Security, but it's your call.

To encrypt your device, go to Settings > Security > Encrypt Device and follow the prompts.

By the way, the CBP also states "border searches conducted by CBP do not extend to information that is located solely on remote servers." So, your data may actually be safer in the cloud in this instance.

6) Use a Virtual Private Network.

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, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited , NordVPN , Private Internet Access , and TorGuard . What you don't want to do, no matter how tempted you may be, is to use a free VPN service. None of them work worth a darn.

The Fitbit Versa looks the part, is affordable, and excels as a fitness tracking device with basic support for notifications. If that’s all that matters to you, it’s a fine choice. For serious, big-name apps that run on the watch, plus easy integration with other third-party apps and services, you’re going to need to look elsewhere.


Samsung continues to merrily plow its own furrow in the smartwatch space, which probably annoys Google quite a bit, as the Galaxy wearables are consistently well designed and slick to use. Get one of these devices running Wear OS and we’d hands down have one of the best smartwatches around.

The $280 Galaxy Gear S3 leads the way for Samsung (a Gear S4 is expected later this year), and there’s also the $300 Galaxy Gear Sport , offering something more fitness-focused and a little smaller. Both these watches run Samsung’s own Tizen OS, which presents us with the same problems we noted with the Fitbit—an impressive interface, but little in the way of app support.

Samsung has signed deals to bring support for UA Record, MyFitnessPal, Endomondo and Map My Run to its watches: The implementation is often rather clunky, but they help turn the Gear watches into serious fitness trackers as well as devices that tell the time. However, you can’t do anything like call an Uber, or see step-by-step Citymapper directions on your wrist, as you can with Wear OS.

One area where the Gear Sport (but not the Gear S3) shines is in offline Spotify support—as in, you can play songs through Spotify right from the device, rather than just controlling Spotify playback on your phone. It’s a shining light in an otherwise dim picture for third-party app support.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s own software is slick and helpful, on the watch at least, and you can bring up phone notifications, fitness statistics, calendar appointments and more very easily. There’s also more interaction available than there is Lanvin Suede Python Loafers w/ Tags How Much Sale Online GnSTY
, at least with the basics like calls, texting, and emails.

The story is largely the same as it is with Fitbit—strong in terms of design and on-board software, weak in terms of third-party app support and actually interacting with your phone. Tizen OS is a little more polished than the Fitbit OS at this stage, though Fitbit’s mobile and web apps are better across the board, with Samsung users stuck with Samsung Health (shudder).

If apps, Google Assistant, and Google support matter a lot to you, hang tight for more Wear OS hardware coming soon, possibly. If you want a watch that’s great now—and particularly if you want something to do a stellar job of tracking your various fitness metrics—then you’ll have to think long and hard about going for Fitbit or Samsung. Just don’t expect to be getting walking directions or calling a cab from it anytime soon.

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